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Repair Services



​If your pool is need of repair, look no further, Fiesta Pool Services is here to help. 

Our licensed repairmen know how to get the job done, and how to do it right.

Check out our repair services below, and then CONTACT US and we will come out to give you an estimate free of charge. 

  • Spa Service and Repair

  • Heater Installation and Repair

  • Pump Repair and Replacement

  • Filter/Filtration System Repair and Replacement

    • Sand Filter-DE-Cartridge

  • Skimmer Repair

  • Coping Repair

  • Flagstone Repair

  • Outdoor Patios 

  • Custom Hardscaping

  • Custom Concrete

  • Pool Cover Installs

  • Pool Liner Installs

  • Leak Detection and Repair

  • DCR-Drain Clean and Refills

  • Green to Cleans and related repairs

  • Dye Testing

  • Inspection

  • All types of Cleaner Repairs and Installation (All Brands)

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